CAPA Series of Four Win

By | March 20, 2020

In the recent 2020 CAPA Club Competition “Series of Four”, the Victoria Camera Club received a Gold Medal and a Bronze Medal for it’s entries. There were 25 clubs competing with 46 presentations. Images were judge individually, then as a series. The criteria for the series was:

  • Interplay and cohesiveness of images.
  • Is there a common theme, color and composition?
  • Does the series offer more than the images individually?
  • How would the series display in a gallery or on a wall?
  • The series needs to go beyond a sequential “click, click, click” set of images
  • Are the images formats complementary?

There were several VCC members who competed as individuals in this CAPA competition. Congratulations to Daniel Rondeau who win an individual Bronze medal for his series “Chukars”. See his images on the CAPA website.

Fire and Ice by Dan and Gail Takahashi won the Gold medal:

Fire and Ice images by Dan and Gail Takahashi

Mission Impossible by Daniel Rondeau and Evan Guengerich won the Bronze Medal

Evan Guengerich and Daniel Rondeau series of four images