External Comps Report 2018-19 III

By | March 29, 2019

External Comps Report: March 20, 2019

These are the results from competitions reported up until March, 2019. See the slideshow on Youtube

CAPA Monochrome (Jan. 2019)

– guest judge Richard Webber

The club had a strong showing with a 6th place Merit award out of 41 clubs (252 images) with a score of 140.5. The competition had five themes, which the club had to enter at least two of them.

CAPA set a record for this competition with the highest number of images submitted (861), highest number of clubs competing (41), largest number of individuals entering for the first time (35), and largest number of entrants (club and individual): 192.

Lois Burton's winning image (Bronze)

Lois Burton: Falling Light

The six images (chosen from 54) were:

  • Going Home Donna Christie
  • Icons Reflecting in the Night Evan Guengerich
  • Falling Light Lois Burton 3rd Merit-Landscape
  • Down and Out Peter Reid
  • Left Alone Richard Webber
  • Chef in Brussels Steve Barber

Victoria Camera Club Total 140.5 Honour #6 (winners score: 151)

Pacific Zone Print Challenge

– guest judge Richard Webber

The Victoria Camera Club did well with a 3rd place win, missing first place by 1 point. Suzanne Huot garnered an individual gold medal with a “Best in Show”.

Victoria Camera Club member Suzanne Huot wins best in show at the Pacific Print

Suzanne Huot: The Gift

The 10 prints chosen out of 28 entries were:

  • The Flute Player – Kim Smith
  • Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship – Ian Crawford
  • Young Boys, Namibia – Steve Barber
  • Down and Out – Peter Reid
  • Cross Roads – Leah Gray
  • Four spotted Skimmer – Mike Wooding
  • Sea Wolf on Rock – Rick Shapka
  • Sibling Rivalry – Evan Guengerich
  • The Gift – Suzanne Huot Gold Medal (individual)
  • You Glow Girl – Vanessa MacDonald

Final Score was 234.5 (Bronze). The winning score was 235.5

Eastwood (Jan. 2019)

see the slideshow on Youtube

– Guest Judge Steve Barber

The Eastwood-VCC club competition is an annual favourite that allows a large number of club members to participate. Unfortunately, although we won the Novice/Intermediate competition (VCC-485 to E-474), we lost the Advanced division (VCC-508 to E-532), and lost the competition with final tally of 993 to 1006. Next year….

The 15 novice/intermediate and 15 advanced images chosen for Eastwood (out of 107 images) were:


  • Solitude – Christina Aitchison
  • Living in Duckweed – Daniel Rondeau
  • Going Home – Donna Christie
  • Atlas Mountains Berber Girl – John Clarke
  • Social Grooming…Bliss – Judy Johnston
  • Mommy Please Share – Karen Towne
  • Snowy Owl Has Prey in Sight – Ken Johnston (highest scoring image)
  • Steptoe Sunrise 1 – Kim Smith
  • Sunwapta Falls Jasper – Mary Lee Sampson
  • No…It’s Your Turn – Peter Pinfold
  • A Study in Concentration – Rea Casey
  • Palouse at Dawn – Sharon Moysey
  • Framed – Steven Ban
  • Fizzy Orange – Teri VanWell
  • You Glow Girl! – Vanessa MacDonald


  • Night of the Dance – Cim MacDonald
  • Sibling Rivalry – Evan Guengerich
  • Toba Inlet Grizzly – Gordon Griffiths
  • Eyeball – Jacqui James
  • Surf Stride – Leah Gray
  • Female Blue Dasher – Lois Burton
  • Mountain Bluebird with Prey – Mike Wooding
  • Now That’s Fast! – Richard Letourneau
  • Living History – Richard Webber
  • Sea Wolf on Rock – Rich Shapka
  • Into the Distance – Steve Barber
  • Behind Open Doors – Steve Lustig
  • Running Side by Side – Steve Smith
  • Red-eyed Tree Frog on Flower – Suzanne Huot
  • Diaphonous – Hanna Cowpe

Northshore Challenge (Jan. 2019)

– guest judge Steve Barber

The VCC place 3rd this year (Bronze Medal), only one point behind 2nd place. The six images chosen from 78 entries by the club were:

Evan Guengerich: Sibling Rivalry

  • Sibling Rivalry Evan Guengerich (Bronze Medal)
  • Wild Dance Leah Gray (Honourable Mention)
  • The Flute Player Kim Smith (Honourable Mention)
  • Garter Snake Friend and Meal Daniel Rondeau
  • Framed Stephen Ban
  • Down and Out Peter Reid