Frank Turner Award Winner 2018: Pam Irvine

By | May 30, 2018

The Frank Turner Award was first presented in 1988. The idea was conceived by Diana Lockyer who suggested it as a way to commemorate the contributions made by Frank Turner (Vice President in 1970, and President in 1971 and 1972) during the many years of his membership in the Victoria Camera Club. Over and above the enthusiasm he developed within the Club he engendered much good will and involvement throughout our own province and in Washington and Oregon. Meetings, cooperative outings and competitions were very popular with all concerned. The memories of his service to the Club, his warm friendship and the valued instruction he provided are embodied in this special service award.

The trophy is Frank Turner‘s gilded Pentax camera mounted on an oak base. It was designed by Past President Bill Rea. Each year it is awarded to a Club member to recognize their significant and lasting contributions to the Club. At the annual banquet in May, 1988 it was very fitting that the first award was presented by Frank Turner’s wife, Ellen. Now in its third decade, this most prestigious award celebrates and honours his memory and his notable commitment to the Club.

The selection of the winner of the trophy is traditionally made by the last three winners independently from the executive of the Club. This year’s committee consists of Lois Burton, Mike Wooding and Dan and Gail Takahashi. The award criteria are not written in stone, but rather are left to the discretion of the selectors. However the winners are always accomplished members who have made a significant contribution to the Club over an extended period of time. This year’s committee was unanimous in its decision and is proud to name Pam Irvine as this year’s recipient of the Frank Turner Award.

Pam has been a vibrant member of the Victoria Camera Club since January 2010 and since that time has shown tremendous depth in her contributions, volunteering consistently and for many positions within the Club. Her enthusiasm and dedication to serve the Victoria Camera Club has been remarkable.

The foundation of any organization is rooted in its core of volunteers. Pam has demonstrated a genuine interest in voluntary committee work and has held many positions within the Club including Secretary, Membership Chair, President, Vice-President, Director at Large and Competition Chair.

Pam’s first role in the Club was as Secretary. In this role she ensured that meetings were effectively organized and minutes kept, maintained accurate Club records and ensured that the Club met all of the legal requirements of a non-profit society. She then moved on to serve as Membership Chair, acting as the main point of contact for any enquiries relating to new and existing Club membership, managed annual membership dues, created name tags for members, and maintained the membership list.

In her role as President, Pam was the principal leader and spokesperson for the Club, taking overall responsibility for the Club’s direction and administration. She understood the needs and complexities of managing such a vibrant and focused camera Club and brought a dynamic level of leadership to her position.

Pam was involved in a variety of activities which allowed the Club to expand its reach and foster closer relationships with community organizations. She shared her photographic expertise with the youth of our community by participating in a Scout Rally with a photographic theme and participated in a presentation at Berwick House to some of the seniors of our community. For several years she organized the Club’s fall scavenger hunt.

Pam continues with numerous activities to support the development of our novice members. She participates in the novice image review, acts as a novice judge in competitions and presents the Basic Photography workshop which provides an educational, hands-on learning opportunity for members new to photography.

Because of our very intensive competition program, the role of Competition Chair is one of the most demanding jobs in our Club. This did not stop Pam from taking this most important responsibility under her wing as Director-at-Large. In addition to overseeing all of the Club’s competitions, the Competition Chair is responsible for establishing rules, criteria and guidelines for monthly competitions, ensuring that appropriate judges are enlisted, and for maintaining competition results.

Pam has also been instrumental in handling the hosting of Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA) competitions where hundreds of images from CAPA Clubs and individuals across the country are submitted. As a member of CAPA it is the Club’s responsibility to do our fair share of hosting CAPA national competitions. Pam willingly took on the tremendous amount of work that this job entails.

Pam, we honour your valuable contributions and thank you for your generous commitment of time, support and inspiration. You are truly deserving of this honour.