Frank Turner Award 2019: Bobbie Carey

By | October 5, 2019

The strength of any organization is derived from the many hands holding up the weight, and certain members play more active roles than others. There are only two forms of currency that we can use to repay them for their contributions to our club: Recognition and Tradition.

The tradition of presenting this special award dates back to 1988 when the very first Frank Turner trophy was presented.  This is Frank’s camera on top of the award.  The award showcases  members who exemplify spirit and commitment  through their ongoing dedication and contributions to the club and their demonstrated excellence in the art of photography.  All honourees share one thing in common, and that is their willingness to give of their time in service to the Victoria Camera Club.

This evening the committee, made up of the last 3 recipients of the award (Pam Irvine, Lois Burton and Mike Wooding),   has the honour of recognizing one of our members with the Frank Turner Trophy, the club’s most prestigious award. This year’s committee was unanimous in our decision and we are very proud to name Bobbie Carey as this year’s recipient of the Frank Turner Award.

Bobbie joined the Victoria Camera Club in 2004.  Over the years she has worked quietly behind the scenes supporting activities and initiatives that have resulted in positive contributions to the growth and vitality of our club,  but she has also taken on major roles as well.

Bobbie served as Club Secretary from 2007 to 2008.   She then took on the very demanding role of Co-Chair of the Competitions Committee.  She and Michael Lambie solely ran the program from 2008 to 2010, a role which today enlists a committee of over 7 people.

In this role she was responsible for establishing rules, criteria and guidelines for competitions.  She kept a record of all scores and results,  booked appropriate judges  and sent competition entries to judges for review. She identified appropriate external competitions for the club to enter, made members aware of the entry dates, submission criteria and rules of the external competitions.

The heart of our club is its membership and a long lasting club such as ours starts with having a strong culture and cultivating a welcoming environment,  where members feel comfortable and inspired. Bobbie’s smiling face has welcomed many new members to the club.  She has always taken time to talk with them and foster a feeling of belonging. She has encouraged new members to join the club, been an important role model for newer members and has shared her unique talents with other members.

Bobbie has been involved in the organization of several successful print shows for the club over the years.  These  shows require good time management and organizational skill, sometimes under very tight timelines.  Through her hard work on print show committees, the club was able to showcase the diverse talent and skill of our members, to promote photography as art  and to raise the profile of the club to our local community.

Bobbie has also volunteered as a proofreader for our award winning magazine, Close-up, and has moved on to her current role as Assistant Editor and Senior proofreader.   In this capacity, she assists with planning content, soliciting material, editing and proofreading content for upcoming issues.  Thank you for making myself and other grammatically-challenged writers look good.

Over the years, Bobbie has been active in club competitions and her photography skill has progressed to the Advanced level with many images receiving placement recognition.  She looks at the world in a uniquely creative way.  Many of her images are abstract in nature and center on her artistic expression and creative vision.   Bobbie’s work will be featured in the next Close-Up newsletter.  These may include Under the Bridge, Moving Walkway, Hostas Transformed, Triplets, Floral Arabesque and Conservatory Blooms to name a few.

Rather than the image simply being a visual record,  her images appeal to us on an emotional level by the use of colour, texture, form, light, and shadow.

Bobbie finds wonder and beauty in all things and shares that with others through her photography.

Bobbie, we thank you for your generous gifts of  time,  and talent and long time service to the club.  These gifts have been  invaluable and we know that you have set the example for others to share in your dedication and commitment and to follow in your footsteps.

Presenters: Lois Burton, Pam Irvine, Mike Wooding