Frank Turner Award Winner 2016: Lois Burton

By | May 30, 2016

A gilded Pentax camera, from the days of film, sits atop the Victoria Camera Club’s most prestigious award. The Frank Turner Trophy has been handed down from recipient to recipient over the decades since 1988 in honour of its namesake and to celebrate volunteer ser- vice to the VCC. It is through recognition and emulation of the vital role of our volunteers that our Club will thrive now and in the years to come.

During his time in our midst, Frank Turner was a vital and important member of the Club. He filled several positions on the executive, including that of President, over a number of years. He gave generously of his time and talent to foster progress in photography among the Club’s members. Frank’s personal talent and skills in photography were clearly present and well developed. He won many awards for his art. We are fortunate to have been bequeathed a small collection of Frank’s prints. These have been copied to digital format and are displayed on our website.

A long-term commitment to volunteering with the Club combined with an excellence in photography epitomize Frank Turner’s example of a suitable candidate for this award. By tradition, each recipient is chosen by a committee of the three previous awardees. The under- signed were pleased to have had the privilege of under- taking that responsibility. We soon reached unanimity as we zeroed in on this year’s recipient: Lois Burton!

Lois Burton joined the Victoria Camera Club in 2009. Her story serves as both a fine example and an inspiration. Lois’ passion for photography began in that very same year, with her first acquisition of a digital SLR camera. Things moved quickly from that point onward.

From the outset Lois gained inspiration, knowledge and skill through her interactions with members of the Club. The important thing was that this quickly became a two-way street, a matter of both receiving and giving back.

Early on, Lois volunteered as an assistant to the web-site team. Her previous experience with Paypal was brought to bear as that platform was introduced as a way to manage membership dues and payments for special functions.

Lois’ progress in photography was striking. She took full advantage of the Club’s competitions as a venue to sharpen her technical and artistic skills. Only four years after joining, Lois won the High Aggregate Award at the Advanced level, based on well placed images in most competition categories. But, as always, it didn’t stop there.

There was also the giving back to her fellow Club members. Having gained expertise in the creative process through the use of Photoshop and Lightroom, Lois then offered workshops which introduced those skills to members just starting out on that journey.

The successful direction and functioning of the Club requires volunteers at all levels. When a need was evident, Lois did not shirk. Often support was offered somewhat below the radar. Perhaps it was in the kitchen, keeping members happy during break time through the provision of cookies and drinks, and, yes, for the cleanup thereafter.

Preparations around a print show requires more hands than those of the coordinator alone. Lois was among those at the ready. Special functions such as annual banquets (yes, we used to have those) or pot-luck specials at Christmas offered many opportunities to pitch in. Lois did that.

Less frequently a volunteer was needed to fill a position on the Executive. There too, Lois was up to the challenge. During her term as Vice President she answered the call to fill in as President and continued in that role for an additional year ending in 2014.

We thank Lois for her many contributions as a volunteer in service to the Victoria Camera Club and to all of our members. We celebrate her achievements in photography. Readers are invited to once again peruse the inspiring text and images presented in her Mem- bers Profile article found in the January, 2016 issue of Close-Up. Finally, we are happy to name Lois Burton as this year’s recipient of the Frank Turner Trophy Award!

The selection committee consists of the last three winners of the trophy: Garry Schaefer, Scott Laird, and Dan and Gail Takahashi.