Internal Competition Themes – 2020-2021

By | June 12, 2020

September 2020 – Play

Children, animals, sport, music, anything goes in this competition with respect to subject.  The only restriction – the subject must be playing.

Oct 2020 – Arches, Alleyways, Laneways

This is an interesting and creative theme that includes, but is not limited to, architecture and street photography.

Nov 2020 – Still Life 

This theme is good for those rainy fall days and night.  It does not have to be done inside, but it includes indoor table top photography.  This challenges your skills with composition, lighting and subject material.

Jan 2021 – Homage to the Group of Seven

It is the 100th anniversary of the Group of Seven this year.  The theme is to honour one or all.

Feb 2021 – You Gotta Love It !!!

This theme explores capturing emotion demonstrated by the subject, as opposed to only eliciting emotion from the viewer of the image.

Mar 2021 – Night Photography

This theme includes, but is not limited to, astro photography and painting with light.


The rules and guidelines for Open apply to all of these themes.  No restrictions to in-camera and post processing.