Internal Competition Themes for 2018 – 2019

By | June 5, 2018
  • September: Water – We encourage something other than a water landscape from the photographer’s library. Suggestions include: water drops, rainbows in a sprinkler, shooting an item shot through or submerged in water, rain, reflections in wet pavement. The possibilities are endless.
  • October: People at an Event – An image portraying people at an event, not the event itself. Try to catch the emotions of the crowd or individuals at the event. A great subject to work on over the summer with all the festivals and special events in town.
  • November: Urban Wildlife – Image must show obvious/significant urban environment along with the wildlife. There are lots of wild creatures living among us such as squirrels, deer, coyote, birds – even raccoons at the legislature buildings.
  • January: Small Wonders – Close-ups of small things. The use of a macro lens or special equipment is not necessary.
  • February: Tradition – This could include one of the many cultural and religious traditions in our area as well as personal traditions.
  • March: One Colour – An image predominantly in one colour. Examples: a black cat against a black wall (yellow eyes are OK) or a brown egg on a brown plate. Perhaps this is a theme to work on over the winter in your home.

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