Pacific Digital Photography Club: Photomotion 2020

Pacific Digital Photography Club
Photomotion 2020

The Pacific Digital Photography Club (“PDPC”) announces that Photomotion 2020 will be available as planned on November 14, 2020.

For the benefit of those who aren’t familiar with Photomotion here is a very brief explanation:

Photomotion is:

  • a compendium of 3 to 4 minute audio/visual shows featuring incredible photography from our club members, and from a special guest presenter
  • the best of the best. Our shows are juried, and only the best are shown
  • presented live at the Inlet Theatre in Port Moody in normal years…

For the past 16 years we have hosted Photomotion at the Inlet Theatre in Port Moody however, due to Covid19 this was not a viable option for us this year. We have therefore decide to bring you the Photomotion Experience in a virtual format from our website.  Also in the past, we have charged an admission fee however, this year we are brining it to you free of charge as our way of saying thank you for the audience support we have received over the years.

Photomotion will be available on November 14 and will remain on our website until the end of January 2021.

To watch the show you simply have to click on this link: on or after November 14.  This will take you to the Photomotion page where you will be able to read more about our presentation and find the link to the show.

Please feel free to share this link with your membership or anyone else you think may be interested in seeing our presentation.

Thank you,
Jack Pickell