PSA Interclub Digital Open

By | February 4, 2018

This is our first year of competing against other clubs in the US and other countries, and so far we are doing pretty well to say the least. One hundred and thirty clubs are divided into 5 groups, A, B, C, D and E. New clubs are automatically placed in Group E which consists of 38 clubs. There are 4 Rounds of competition and we have just completed 2 of them.

In Round 1, we came 1st, scoring a total of 70 points, a score that would have also put us in 1st place in Groups B and D and in 2nd place in Groups A and C. In addition, 4 VCC members won individual awards. Cim MacDonald was given an Award of Merit for “Night of the Dance”, Suzanne Huot won an Award of Merit for “Snowy Owl on a Mission and Lois Burton received an Award of Merit for “Sunset Flight”. An Honorable Mention was awarded to Mars Romer, for “Intricacy in Simplicity”.

Cim McDonald

Award of Merit: Night of the Dance by Cim McDonald

Suzanne Huot

Award of Merit: Snowy Owl on a Mission by Suzanne Huot

Lois Burton

Award of Merit: Sunset Flighty by Lois Burton

Mars Romer

Honorable Mention: Intricacy in Simplicity by Mars Romer

In Round 2, we came in 1st again, scoring a total of 66 points, with three other clubs snapping on our heels with 65. Once again 4 VCC members were awarded ribbons. Jonathan Adams took Best of Show in Group E with his magnificent image “Pixie by Starlight”. Honourable mentions were awarded to Gordon Griffiths for “Steptoe Sunset”, Dan Takahashi for “Leopard Lady” and to Tony Knowler for “Patagonian Style”

Jonathan Adams

Best of Show (group E): Pixie by Starlight by Jonathan Adams

Gordon Griffiths

Honorable Mention: Steptoe Sunset by Gordon Griffiths

Dan Takahashi

Honorable Mention: Leopard Lady by Dan Takahashi

Tony Knowler

Honorable Mention: Patagonian Style by Tony Knowler

We are obviously thrilled with these results, but we are only half way through the process, with two more rounds to go, so we need to keep the momentum going. Round 3 has a VCC deadline for submissions of February 15th, so we continue to need your support!

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