VCC 2018 President’s Awards

By | May 8, 2018

VCC 2018 President’s Awards – Remarks made during the Annual Awards Meeting, May 3, 2018

As I prepared for this years awards, the name Ed Moniz was top of mind. We know Ed, today, as a guru of B&W photography, a writer of informative articles for Close-Up, and a dedicated workshop leader. But I am thinking back to a time when Ed was our VCC president and when he, then, established the President’s Awards, with the aim of recognizing those who stand out as having significantly given back to the club. President’s Awards are something which I am very happy to continue to make in this, my last opportunity.

As a quick reminder, in my first year, awards went to Hanna Cowpe (leadership in Print Shows), Blair Ross (leadership in Tuesday Shoots) and Pam Irvine (many areas but particularly for leadership in support of Novice Photographers).

So, on to this year’s awards.

Barbara Burns:

My first awardee, tonight, is Barbara Burns. In the years between 2006 and 2010 Barbara developed a passion for studio photography. She joined the VCC in 2010 and soon became immersed in the leadership of the Lighting SIG. Along with a relatively small group of other members, the Lighting SIG pursued studio work over the next number of years. Photographing dancers and digital art soon followed. My first President’s Message was published in Close-Up in July, 2016. Coincidentally, the cover image was “Red Dancer” by Barbara Burns. Based on her passion for photography, Barbara gave back and enriched our collective experience.

Penny Codding:

For my next awardee, I’m going with a member who joined the club three years before I did, and that is getting increasingly rare these days. Penny Codding joined in September, 2002. From the time that I joined, I have found Penny to be a steady and positive presence in the club. She has stepped forward resolutely when she has seen a need. To that end, Penny, along with Bob Hunter, founded the Nature SIG and served as its leader for several years. More recently, after Judy Bandsmer’s departure, Penny again filled the breach by taking on leadership of the Creative SIG. Thank you, Penny, for agreeing to continue in that role in the fall. As an added bonus, Penny will often give us an update on her delightful grandchildren, who live down in Cupertino, California, in the land of Apple computers.

Gordon Griffiths:

For my third awardee, I’m going back to a member who joined even before Penny. That would be Gordon Griffiths, a true gentleman in every way. Gordon joined in the time of film and slides. He took on the ever challenging task of Competitions Chair. As long as I’ve been here, Gordon has continued to give back to the club and all of us have benefited. You see him in the kitchen, on the Nominations Committee, as the Reviewer of our financial statements, and on the Close Up team, soliciting articles and distributing copies to our advertisers. What a fine record of giving back!

Jacqui James:

On a board, it is often the President who hogs the limelight. The Secretary often works a bit more below the radar. My next awardee, Jacqui James, joined the VCC for the first time, as I understand it, in the pre-digital era and then again in 2009. At a time of need, when a vacancy arose, Jacqui agreed to step forward to serve as Secretary for a 6-month term. That has now morphed into several years. During my term as President, I have very much appreciated Jacqui’s wise counsel and her wealth of knowledge on how things have been done and what needs doing. Her record keeping and her keeping the Board on track have been invaluable. Since Jacqui couldn’t be with us this evening, I will keep this plaque in hand and will present it to her when we are back together, presumably in September.

Dan Takahashi:

Among the very first recipients of the newly minted President’s Award, if not the first, was Gail Takahashi. For my final presentation, I’m going to go full circle and close that loop by naming Dan Takahashi. A couple of years after Gail joined the VCC, Dan appeared on the scene and the rest is history. Together, Dan and Gail have received the Frank Turner Award, but that didn’t cause either to rest on their laurels. Dan has pretty much done it all. VP, Competitions Committee member, periods of leadership in each of the Nature, Lighting and Creative SIGs, special field trips (think Hornby) and more, all the while TCB in the kitchen. Based on Dan’s propensity to give back, in spades, I could not resist making his my final award.

Garry Schaefer, President, Victoria Camera Club

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