VCC President’s Message – January 2019

By | January 7, 2019

Happy New Year! The new year means different things to different people. Are you someone who makes resolutions? For me, it means I can start fresh and set some learning goals for my photography. Learning about photography is important to me. Developing my skills as a photographer is even more important.

One of the most important things that one can do in order to grow as an artist is to recognize the importance of finding direction, setting photography goals for oneself. Without a direction or goals, all the passion, skill, and creativity you possess will not be enough to help you reach your full potential as a photographer.

The key to finding direction is to shoot and shoot some more. Don’t limit yourself to one type of photography. Make photographs of anything. You might find that your true passion discovers you where you least expect it. Once you have found your direction you need to set clear goals. Setting goals will keep you focused and motivated to accomplish what you would like to achieve. While setting goals is essential to success, they must also be realistic goals. Examples of realistic goals could be to learn a new technique or getting your work in a local gallery. By simply finding your direction and setting your photography goals you will be able to achieve things you never thought were possible.

We are lucky to be heading into 2019 with the internet at our fingertips. We have access to so much information that the biggest question becomes, where do we start How about a photo challenge?

There are many projects out there. Which one you choose depends on how much time you have. The Dogwood Photography 52-week Challenge: . How about the 365-day challenge from Digital Photography School: . Or the 365-project to document your life: .

Whether the goals you set are designed to facilitate a transition from hobbyist to pro photographer, or just to reach the next stage in your journey, the important thing is to never stop moving. Always strive to learn something new, set new goals and reach new heights.

I’m not sure what my photography goals will be for this year yet, but I do know one thing, I aim to have fun with whatever I do!

Teri VanWell, President