Themes for this fall’s competitions

When you are out shooting this summer, be sure to keep the themes for this fall’s theme competition in mind.  It is a great way to expand your photographic horizons.  A list of all the themes for the competition year can be found under “Competitions” on the website’s main menu. Competition Theme Categories for Fall… Read More »

Travel Photography

Travel Photography with Graham Budd and Steve Lustig Workshop held on April 18, 2017 This workshop is available as a PDF here. (Members-only) Most of us enjoy taking photographs when we travel or traveling to take photographs. It is not the intent of this workshop to teach you how to take travel photographs as many of you… Read More »

President’s Message – July-August 2017

Stonehenge marks the march of the sun towards its most northerly position at the summer solstice. As an early riser, my personal ‘Stonehenge’ is the dome of the Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort. From the vantage of my condo balcony, I particularly enjoy the days in June when the sun rises exactly behind that dome.… Read More »

Thrifty Foods Hillside Donate Annual Awards Night Cake

We thank Thrifty Foods for once again donating a wonderfully decorated cake for our pleasure during break time at our Annual Awards and Year-End Competition Night at Norway House on May 4th. Their support is much appreciated. Thanks, also, to Dan and Gail Takahashi for making these arrangements for another gala wrap up to our… Read More »

President’s Message – May-June 2017

In March, guest speaker, Dion Manastyrski, presented his documentation of change on the Prairies. Afterwards, Wayne Swanson asked how many members present had a prairie background. A surprising or perhaps not such a surprising number of hands went up, which I estimated at over thirty percent. This spring was cool here in Victoria, resulting in… Read More »

President’s Message – April, 2017

The Book of Ecclesiastes states that “there is no new thing under the sun.” Bob Dylan states that “the times they are a changin’.” This dichotomy brings to mind some discussion which have occurred within the club regarding the subject of video. Granted, our principle pursuit has been, and remains, the still image. That, itself… Read More »

Novice Portrait Lighting workshop with Gregg Eligh

On March 4th I presented a workshop specifically oriented towards Novice members to introduce them to the use of studio/electronic lighting, using portraiture as the ‘theme’. We looked at the simplicity of the use of artificial strobe lighting and provided the opportunity for each participant to shoot reference images. The majority of VCC members work… Read More »

Live Competition Results

The February competition results are now available through the website. Kelsey Goodwin is a professional photographer here in Victoria and she judged our Advanced Prints for February.  Kelsey made a  video  of herself judging the prints and has posted it on youtube.  She was filming it as a live-feed for her own students and she… Read More »

“Mirror with Memory” Exhibit June – September

Mirror and Memory Exhibit coming at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria – June 17 through September 4. 2017 This year marks the 75th anniversary of the uprooting, dispossession and exile of 21,000 Japanese Canadians from the coast of this province.  Mirror with Memory explores the contributions of one such community through the creative lens… Read More »