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VCC President’s Message – March, 2018

[CLICK HERE TO RETURN TO VCC WEBSITE] Membership in the Victoria Camera Club has been stable near 250 in recent years, a threshold considerably above those of a decade earlier. What has attracted you to our club and what has held your interest? Fair to say, I believe, that the breadth and depth of our… Read More »

VCC President’s Message – February, 2018

[CLICK HERE TO RETURN TO VCC WEBSITE] My apologies for the delay in posting this one, which now accompanies my message for March. Help! The assignment of writing a message to be delivered a month later, for February, comes at an awkward time. The festivities of the season are scarcely behind us. Meetings at Norway… Read More »

March Presenters

Creating Stronger Travel Images: Photographing Life & People Presenters Night – March 8, 2018 Guest Speakers: Ted & Evelyn Nodwell Topic:  Have more fun and bring home more dynamic images by overcoming some of the perceived difficulties of photographing people during your travels.  Website: As an anthropologist, Evelyn Nodwell loves photographing people, life and culture,… Read More »

CAPA Pacific Zone Print Challenge

Wow….are we good or what? 🙂  17 clubs participated in this challenge with 151 entries.  Each print was valued out of 10 points by 4 judges. GOLD METAL       VICTORIA CAMERA CLUB    318 POINTS Silver Medal      Chung Ai Photographic Society of Vancouver   311 points Bronze Medal      West Vancouver Seniors Photography Club     305 points… Read More »

PSA Interclub Digital Open

[CLICK HERE TO RETURN TO VCC WEBSITE] This is our first year of competing against other clubs in the US and other countries, and so far we are doing pretty well to say the least. One hundred and thirty clubs are divided into 5 groups, A, B, C, D and E. New clubs are automatically… Read More »