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VCC President’s Message – November 2019

[CLICK HERE TO RETURN TO VCC WEBSITE] Fall is descending upon us and the days are getting shorter. To Victorians this means the weather is unpredictable and you don’t know what you are going to wake up to, almost like Forrest Gumps’s box of chocolates. This is also a time for us to get out… Read More »


Effecting A Connection by Monica Reekie Everyone wants to feel connected. We all need to feel a bond with family, friends and community. This connection extends to the world at large… to animals, wild places, cities, architecture, history, culture, heritage, food and more. It’s part of human nature. A healthy connection to the world around… Read More »

Frank Turner Award Winner 2019: Bobbie Carey

[CLICK HERE TO RETURN TO VCC AWARDS] The strength of any organization is derived from the many hands holding up the weight, and certain members play more active roles than others. There are only two forms of currency that we can use to repay them for their contributions to our club: Recognition and Tradition. The… Read More »