VCC President’s Message – November, 2017

By | October 26, 2017


Like editors everywhere, our Close-Up editor has pages to fill and deadlines to meet. Couple that with the juxtaposition of yours truly, procrastinator-in-chief. Add my preoccupation with “Learning to See Creatively” with Bryan Peterson over the past weekend, so what better than to make my theme our encounter with Bryan Peterson.

First my quick take on the sessions held on Friday evening and all day Saturday. Significant ground was covered on the principles of colour, exposure and composition, all with an eye to unleashing one’s creativity throughout the process. Bryan’s wonderful images served to illustrate each point made. According to Bryan, much is revealed about photographers through the images which they present to the world. Although tools and technique are not trivial or to be overlooked, in the end it is composition which trumps the other elements. One of Bryan’s key messages was to delve more deeply into a scene to exploit the potential at first overlooked. Zoom with your feet. Get closer. Seek the gems within!

Bryan’s basic approach to photography was made even more evident during Sunday’s workshop, at which a smaller group had a chance to interact with him. It all started with the following directives. Bring a wide-angle, a telephoto and a macro lens. Set your camera to ISO 200, manual exposure, daylight white balance, and RAW capture format. But, wait, can you teach an old dog new tricks? I use auto ISO, auto white balance, auto exposure and, horrors, jpg capture. Hmm…yes, I did follow instruction, albeit using RAW+jpeg capture. Our subject matter for the day included a start at the inner harbour, featuring some awesome reflections. Then over to Beacon Hill Park for star bursts, leaves and feathers in macro mode against black backgrounds, and more. Our third and final venue for the day was Ross Bay Cemetery. Many opportunities were present to check out various themes covered during the day-and-one-half just spent in Sidney.

But did I learn any new tricks. Some basics were reinforced. Some new topics were opened for further study, in particular regarding the use of flash in outdoor settings. My challenge now is to process and analyze over 600 image pairs and to report on my RAW vs jpg trial. Look for more on this in the months ahead.

Finally, my thanks to Graham and Cindy and to all of the many VCC volunteers who made all of this possible.

Garry Schaefer, President

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