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External Comps Report II 2018-19

These are the external competition club results from late 2018 and early 2019. See the YouTube Video Lion’s Gate (Nov. 2018) This was a Nature competition (with editing) where 8 images were selected. The Victoria Camera club placed 1st out of 26 clubs with 205.5 points. The images (chosen from 44) were: Group Therapy –… Read More »

External Comps Report I

Results reported in 2018 The 2018 External competition year started off well, with 9 CAPA competitions, 10 PSA competitions and 5 additional competitions, for a total of 24 competitions. A busy year.. PSA Nature Round 1 (Oct., 2018) See the YouTube video. The year started out with PSA Nature, due for VCC members on October… Read More »

Frank Turner Award Winner 2018: Pam Irvine

The Frank Turner Award was first presented in 1988. The idea was conceived by Diana Lockyer who suggested it as a way to commemorate the contributions made by Frank Turner (Vice President in 1970, and President in 1971 and 1972) during the many years of his membership in the Victoria Camera Club. Over and above… Read More »

VCC 2018 President’s Awards

VCC 2018 President’s Awards – Remarks made during the Annual Awards Meeting, May 3, 2018 As I prepared for this years awards, the name Ed Moniz was top of mind. We know Ed, today, as a guru of B&W photography, a writer of informative articles for Close-Up, and a dedicated workshop leader. But I am… Read More »

Frank Turner Historic Award Winners

The Frank Turner Award, represented by its accompanying trophy, is the most prestigious award given by the VCC. This is a historic list of Frank Turner Award Recipients, going back to its inception.   Recipient Year Pam Irvine 2017-18 Mike Wooding 2016-17 Lois Burton 2015-16 Gail and Dan Takahashi 2014-15 Scott Laird 2013-14  Garry Schaefer 2012-13… Read More »

CAPA Merit for Dan Takahashi

Dan Takahashi’s image “The Moment” earned a CAPA Merit Award in October 2017 . He earned a third place overall, contributing to the VCC club entry in the CAPA Digital Fine Art Competition.

Frank Turner Award Winner 2017: Mike Wooding

The Victoria Camera Club’s highest award, the Frank Turner Trophy, shines a spotlight on a member, who exemplifies the spirit and commitment of this award through their distinctive service to the club and their demonstrated excellence in the art of photography. This year the Committee is pleased to recognize the outstanding achievements and contributions of… Read More »