Learning to See Creatively – Bryan F. Peterson

By | April 14, 2017

Learning to See Creatively

Spend a weekend with award-winning photographer Bryan F. Peterson
September 29 (7-9 pm) and 30 (9 am-5 pm), 2017
Mary Winspear Centre, Sidney, BC

Tickets are $99 (until Sept 24) and include a trade show and lunch on Saturday. Tickets at the door are $109 (cash only) and do not include lunch.

Sign up:

for the Friday + Saturday Seminar via
         >> Karelo.com <<
or at Victoria Camera Club meetings.

Seminar Topics include sessions on:

  • Understanding Exposure:
    • The relationship between f/stop and shutter speeds, and the multitude of creative combinations that are available to us;
    • From where do I take my meter reading – there are no less than five options that are available to take a correct meter reading
  • Understanding the Elements of Design and the Art of Composition
    • You ARE what you photograph and the Elements of Design that are found in your photographs reveal a great deal about you
    • The Greek Mean – the Greeks really did get it right
  • Understanding Flash
    • There are but two questions one need ask when using flash
  • Understanding Close-Up Photography
    • One of the greatest tools to master composition is the macro lens, but DO NOT limit the vision of this amazing lens to flowers and insects. No lens is more revealing than the macro lens.

Bryan Peterson is an award winning professional photographer, best selling author, internationally known instructor, Adorama TV series “You Keep Shooting” host and founder of the Bryan Peterson School of Photography. His easy-to-understand and entertaining writing and teaching style routinely results in ‘aha’ moments from his students as he breaks down the often complex and sometimes confusing world of photography. He is a sought after speaker and his location workshops sell out many months in advance. Bryan’s slide talk lectures always place the emphasis on exposure, composition, seeing and flash covering subjects from People, to Landscape, to Street Photography to the Abstract, based in large part on the written material in his nine books.

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