Frank Turner Award Winner 2017: Mike Wooding

By | October 5, 2017


Mike Wooding

Mike Wooding wins the 2017 Frank Turner Award

The Victoria Camera Club’s highest award, the Frank Turner Trophy, shines a spotlight on a member, who exemplifies the spirit and commitment of this award through their distinctive service to the club and their demonstrated excellence in the art of photography.
This year the Committee is pleased to recognize the outstanding achievements and contributions of Mike Wooding with this most prestigious honour.
Mike became involved in nature photography after retiring in 2006. He joined the Victoria Camera Club in September 2008 and since that time he has made consistent contributions and been actively involved in service activities that have been integral to the Club’s operation.

His years of loyal and dedicated service to the Club saw him assuming various roles on the Executive; serving as Membership Chair, Members Night Coordinator, External Competitions Chair and Vice President.

He initiated and led the Nature Photographers’ Photo Forum, which was subsequently added to the scope of the Nature Special Interest Group. Mike also initiated and led the Novice Image Review activity that supports the development of our novice and intermediate members to achieve their goals.
Over the years Mike has shown dedication and leadership and his photographic achievements have earned the respect and admiration of his peers.
Mike is an outstanding role model who leads by example. He has led numerous fieldtrips to Beaver Lake Ponds to teach other members the art of photographing dragonflies; and also led workshops on bird and dragonfly photography
In 2013 Mike successfully completed a 140 page book “Nature Photography – A Personal Journey – Volume One – Birds of Canada”. This book is a legacy volume worthy of Mike’s demonstrated and ever growing capabilities as a nature photographer.
The Frank Turner award focuses attention on exemplariness and Mike Wooding exhibits the highest standard of excellence and has demonstrated measurable evidence of his photographic skill through his consistently high placed competition images at the club, and at the external and national competition levels.

In 2012 Mike ventured into the world of international photographic competitions and has had several of his images accepted in leading international salons and has won numerous awards.

In 2012 he received the Wildlife Insect Award in the PSA International Exhibition with his image “Death on a Lily Pad”.

In 2015 four of his images were accepted for the final round of judging in the BBC Natural History Museum (UK) Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition.


Atlantic Puffin with Wild Iris, “Canada Darner”,” Saffron-winged Meadowhawk” and “Pacific Chorus Frog” won him the 2016 PSA International Exhibition Diversity Award.
He received a Gold Medal for “Atlantic Puffins Billing”, in the 2016 Saguaro Nature Exhibition.

“Atlantic Puffins Courtship” was a bronze medal winner in the 2016 Southern California S4C International Exhibition.

And two Gold medals in the 2017 Smethwick (UK) International Exhibition of Photography for “Emmas’s Dancers” and “Anna’s Hummingbird”.

Mike’s powerfully exquisite photographs celebrate the beauty and diversity of nature and bring a sense of awe and appreciation to the beauty in the natural world that surrounds us in our everyday lives.

Mike, in recognition of your dedicated and outstanding service to Victoria Camera Club and for your personal commitments and contributions, we honour you as this year’s recipient of the Frank Turner Award.

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