VCC President’s Message – January, 2018

By | December 29, 2017


Early in 2005 I left my photographic “home”, the Manitoba Camera Club, and made a big move from Winnipeg to Victoria. It did not take much time to determine that the Victoria Camera Club was the primary target for a landing here. That was soon confirmed through a discussion with Gordon Simpson, the then Acting President.

This got me to thinking about what, for others, might be considered to be a photographic home, or whether that is even a relevant concept. While I tend to concentrate the largest fraction of my photographic endeavours on the activities of the VCC, I recognize that the mix might be quite different for many of you. Perhaps the club is just one way-station along a multi-faceted route as you pursue your passion for things photographic.

I always experience great interest and considerable pleasure when I either stumble upon or am informed of and have a chance to view the works of our members in venues outside of our club. Most recently these cases have involved print shows. Individual shows by Daniel Brimacombe and by Leah Gray stand out in my mind. More recently, in December, a show by members of the Photo Editing Group featured prints by Neil Boyle, Richard James and Richard Webber. Another avenue for pursuits beyond the club lies in competitions sponsored by various commercial and community entities. In the fall, it was a pleasure to come across entries in the Monday Magazine Contest from Laurie MacDonald, Gerry Thompson and John Clarke.

Those are just a few instances that I have come across during the past year in which club members have taken advantage of opportunities beyond the confines of the VCC. Members have come to us from meet-up groups and continue to participate there. I am aware that other members participate in small groups which meet to review and discuss prints and/or digital images. Some participate directly in photography in support of outside entities, such as Ballet Victoria. In recent years, Dan and Gail Takahashi have provided leadership in that activity. One can extend this narrative to an even greater extent when one considers the commercial realm. Undertakings range from the production of cards, calendars and other offerings to full blown commercial work in print making, framing and real estate photography.

I hope this excursion has indicated that there is a rich tapestry of photographic pursuits being undertaken by VCC members beyond those which take place within the club. I feel that those enrich us all, directly and indirectly.

Happy New Year!

Garry Schaefer, President

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