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News and messages from the VCC President

VCC President’s Message – January 2019

Happy New Year! The new year means different things to different people. Are you someone who makes resolutions? For me, it means I can start fresh and set some learning goals for my photography. Learning about photography is important to me. Developing my skills as a photographer is even more important. One of the most… Read More »

VCC President’s Message – December 2018

Our annual Christmas celebration is on December 6th. This is a time for us to unwind and mingle with other members who we have not seen in a while. I am always happy to see the camaraderie that occurs during our gatherings and I am looking forward to this year’s event through the eyes of… Read More »

VCC President’s Message – November 2018

I am grateful this year to be working with an exceptional group on the executive. Our executive structure gives us a strong foundation on which to build, and we are always looking for innovative and creative ideas that have a positive impact on our club. We are also always looking for new people to join… Read More »

VCC President’s Message – May-June, 2018

The candles on my birthday cakes have been growing ever more dense, like the pixels on the sensors of modern digital cameras. Time to take a quick look back at my first message as VCC president (Close-Up, May-June, 2016). A couple of themes were on my mind: what was the underlying nature of the Club… Read More »

VCC President’s Message – April, 2018

The lifeblood that pulses through a healthy club’s veins involves both the “gives” and the “takes” which arise among its members. As you read this message, I will rapidly be approaching the culmination of my time as your president and my thoughts will be focused on my hopes for the health of the VCC in… Read More »

VCC President’s Message – March, 2018

Membership in the Victoria Camera Club has been stable near 250 in recent years, a threshold considerably above those of a decade earlier. What has attracted you to our club and what has held your interest? Fair to say, I believe, that the breadth and depth of our programs and the enthusiasm of our fellow… Read More »

VCC President’s Message – February, 2018

My apologies for the delay in posting this one, which now accompanies my message for March. Help! The assignment of writing a message to be delivered a month later, for February, comes at an awkward time. The festivities of the season are scarcely behind us. Meetings at Norway House and other venues have just resumed.… Read More »

VCC President’s Message – January, 2018

Early in 2005 I left my photographic “home”, the Manitoba Camera Club, and made a big move from Winnipeg to Victoria. It did not take much time to determine that the Victoria Camera Club was the primary target for a landing here. That was soon confirmed through a discussion with Gordon Simpson, the then Acting… Read More »